Dive Dover from Sea Explorer

Just over 90 minutes fromLondonis the ancient port of Dover.  For two millennia “the Gateway to England” has faced boat loads of invaders and this trend continues to this day, with over 20 million travellers passing through this strategic port.  Dover’s rich history is echoed in its surrounding seas, which makes Dover diving  a Mecca for wreck enthusiasts.

One of the most popular boats you can dive from is Sea Explorer.  (www.divingproducts.co.uk/boat.html)  Licensed for 12 fully equipped divers, this 10.5 metre offshore RHIB is powered by twin 300 hp engines.  It’s an ideal vessel for Sport Divers, offering quick and comfortable transits, hot beverages and a knowledgeable Skipper.  Better known by many divers as “that very clever engineering bloke from Kent Tooling”, John Perrin has a wealth of experience skippering these historic waters, which mean that divers have a safe and enjoyable experience.  To find out what Dover Diving can offer you come and talk to John at this year's London International Dive Show at Excel.

Custom Divers announce a serious step forward in Diver Safety – The Hewee Go Urination System

“We all know that one of the contributing factors to Decompression Illness is dehydration”, stated Alex Vassallo, Custom Divers CEO.  “Hydrating properly before a dive means only one thing - the need to wee easily during the dive. Whilst there have been a couple of solutions - nappies and traditional sticky sheaths - these are not always as successful as one would wish.  Nappies can flood and sheaths would either stick, (which could prove to be a nightmare to remove post dive), or they didn't, (and would blow/fall off during use). To combat this, divers would use tape, which could be uncomfortable.

Custom Divers uniquely designed Hewee Go Urination System eliminates all these problems. In fact it's so comfy, that quite a few divers who have tried this say it's such a secure fit, it feels as though they are not wearing anything. So if you're looking for piece of mind when you're hydrating for your next dive, come and talk to Custom Divers at the forth coming Birmingham Dive Show - DIVE 2008 - or log onto www.customdivers.com