Boys & Toys – Casey McKinlay to join Suex Scooters

Casey McKinlay GUE Suex scooters EUROTEK TEKDiveUSA DUI Rosemary E Lunn Roz Lunn The Underwater Marketing Company WKPP Dr Dawn Kernagis Jarrod Jablonski thermal stressThe Submarine Exploration Company - Suex - has announced that Casey McKinlay is to join the Italian scooter manufacturer as Director of Global Business Development.

Alessandro Fenu, Suex's Managing Director stated, "Casey brings more than 20 years of experience to the Suex team as one of the most accomplished technical divers in the world. His hands-on knowledge with diver propulsion vehicles, along with his product development insight, will be critical to improving existing products, and evolving the next generation of reliable, high quality, high performance military and consumer products. In addition to Casey’s experience beneath the surface, his extensive business acumen within and outside the diving industry will enhance Suex's distribution and brand identity around the world. This appointment is significant for Suex and we are excited about working with Casey to take Suex to the next level. I am certain our consumer and military customers will agree with us.”

"Always analyse your gas" – Statement from the NACD

Following a recent fatality at Ginnie Springs, the National Association for Cave Diving has issued the following statement.

NACD Gas Analysis Advisory

NACD National Association for Cave Diving Nitrox Trimix Rosemary E Lunn Roz Lunn The Underwater Marketing Company DAN Safety ReportThe recent death of a cave diver highlights the necessity to review some critical procedures that we should be doing before all dives – gas analysis. A couple of years ago there was a cave diver death in Cozumel that resulted from breathing high carbon monoxide content in a cylinder. This created quite a commotion that caused the sales of CO analyzers to jump quite a bit. These days it’s not uncommon to see divers analyzing their cylinders for CO during the pre-dive process. However, even with that awareness it is a bit surprising that there are still divers that do not analyze all cylinders for oxygen content. While the NACD does not have courses for mixed gas procedures diving at this time, all NACD instructors should be emphasizing the need for gas analysis during the pre-dive process.

990 Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3 Spring 1999 Training Topics Nitrox for All analysing diving gas Nitrox Trimix Rosemary E Lunn Roz Lunn The Underwater Marketing Company
It is always worth having everything you need to hand when analysing and labelling diving gas. 990 Magazine

Divers should re-analyze all cylinders to be used on a dive at the site during the pre-dive process and make sure the cylinders are properly labeled with oxygen content, helium content (if any helium in the blend), and MOD. This should occur even if the cylinders were personally filled by the diver. Each and every cylinder should be analyzed and clearly labeled, even if there is an isolator connecting the cylinders, and regardless what gas is believed to be in the cylinder.

While it is understood that not everyone may own enough cylinders to permanently mark them with content and MOD, cylinders being used for 100% oxygen should be permanently marked and only used for 100% oxygen. However, permanent markings do not substitute for additional labeling. Even permanently marked cylinders need to be analyzed and labeled with content and MOD to show confirmation of the contents. There should never be any confusion about labeling. It should be clear and concise to anyone who looks at it.

Finally, there is some controversy over whether gas analysis should be an individual responsibility or a team responsibility. All divers with mixed gas training of any kind have been instructed that all gas should personally be analyzed prior to every dive. Almost every dive training class emphasizes gas sharing with teammates. With that, there is always the potential for a diver to be breathing from a teammate’s cylinders. Gas analysis and confirmation should be a team project during the pre-dive process.

990 Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3 Spring 1999 Training Topics Nitrox For All Rosemary E Lunn Roz Lunn analysing gas trimix safe diving practices The Underwater Marketing Company
Rosemary E Lunn analysing a Nitrox stage prior to diving Scapa Flow / 990 Magazine

The lessons to take away from this:

1. Analyze every cylinder, whether you think it is filled with air, Nitrox, Trimix, or Oxygen,
2. Label every cylinder with gas content and MOD
3. Remove all old, Oxygen, Nitrox, and Custom Mix labels if the cylinder is to be repurposed.
4. Make gas analysis a team project.

If you are unfamiliar with or out of practice with analyzing gas contact any NACD instructor and request a gas analysis refresher. If you do not have an NACD instructor nearby contact the training committee and we will provide you with an instructor who can help you.

Gas analysis is not an optional activity. Your life depends upon it.

Rob Neto
NACD International Training Director
NACD International Safety Officer

Source: NACD

Life on 'Mars' according to Jarrod Jablonski

DiveLife, a Manchester based scuba diving centre, has pulled off a major coup. They will be hosting a talk given by GUE's Jarrod Jablonski on 'Mars the Magnificent'.

Mars the Magnificent Richard Lundgren Rich Lundgren Jarrod Jablonski GUE EUROTEK Award Winner OZTek TEKDiveUSA Rosemary E Lunn Roz Lunn The Underwater Marketing Company DiveLifeThis warship sank off the Swedish coast during a fierce battle in 1564, with a loss of 440 men and a full compliment of over 100 huge cannon. After a twenty year search a team led by Richard Lundgren found her in 2011. Many consider Mars to be the marine archaeological find of the century.

The last time Jarrod spoke in the UK was in 2008, at the inaugural advanced and technical diving conference,  EUROTEK.

Jarrod will be at DiveLife on Monday 9th September. The talk kicks off at 19.30. It is free, however you will need to book a space in order make sure that seating can be arranged.

Government plans for greater liability of company directors

Company directors should be personally liable for misconduct or company failure, business secretary Vince Cable has said as part of an overhaul of company rules.

The Underwater Marketing Company  PR Even Management Social Media Company Directors Government SME tips Rosemary E Lunn Roz LunnLaunching the 'Transparency and Trust' paper at the Responsible Capitalism conference, Cable outlined measures to improve corporate transparency and strengthen director accountability and disqualification laws.

The proposed reforms seek to promote growth by improving confidence in the UK as an open and trusted place to invest and do business, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) said.

The paper highlights two key points:

Corporate transparency

- how the UK will implement its G8 commitment to a central register of company owners
- the abolition of bearer shares and their misuse
- steps to tackle tax evasion, money laundering, and to boost the UK's investment environment.

Director accountability

- giving regulators more power to disqualify directors in specific sectors
- questions on whether disqualified directors should compensate creditors.

"Greater transparency and improved trust will mean honest entrepreneurs and investors can do business more securely in the UK and not be disadvantaged by those who don't play by the rules," said a Government press release.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "A stronger economy depends on investors, employees and the wider public having trust and confidence in companies and those that are running them."

Article Source: TheSME

Are you a North Carolina diver? DAN has a free talk tonight!

DAN is renowned for their educational lectures and they regularly put on a series of free seminars at the DEMA Show that all dive professionals can access.

DAN Dr Matias Nochetto Director of Operations and Outreach Divers Alert Network Dr Neal W Pollock Research Director Dr Petar Denoble Senior Research Director Dr Richard Vann Editor RF3 Rebreather Forum 3 Rosemary E Lunn Roz Lunn The Underwater Marketing CompanyFor the last three years, DAN HQ in Durham (North Carolina) has been running a bi-monthly diving medicine / research / safety series of lectures at their office in West Colony Place. The talk is held on the first Wednesday of every other month at 19:00. This programme provides an excellent opportunity for anyone with a thirst for diving knowledge to listen to a variety of local experts discuss dive medicine, research, and safety.

Tonight's lecture (Wednesday 7th August 2013) is entitled "Critical Thinking of Post-Dive Symptoms" and given by Dr. Matias Nochetto.

Post-dive symptoms are often assumed to reflect a decompression injury but they may indicate an array of health or environmental issues. This highly interactive session will present sample cases from the DAN emergency line, letting participants experience the challenges of gathering and interpreting information coming in from the field.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dr Matias, he is DAN's Director of Operations and Outreach.

Doors will open at 18:15 for a pre-event social, and 'Down Under' very kindly serve light refreshments. The presentation begins at 19:00 and will last approximately 45 - 55 minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Admission to the lecture is free, and no registration is required. So come early, come hungry and hear Dr Matias wax lyrical about Post-Dive Symptoms.