Watson DeVore Joins RAID Team

Dive Industry personality Watson DeVore has joined the dive training agency, RAID.

"What I enjoyed most about my time as Director of Education for SSI Globally was feeling like I was part of a family. When I left the dive industry, I thought it was for good, but I guess once you are in the dive industry for as long as I was, almost 26 years, it’s hard to leave something you are so passionate about. I am really excited to be back and most of all, I feel like RAID has put the family back together again.

Watson DeVore, SSI, Dive RAID, Steve Newman, Nancy Easterbrook, Divetech, Grand Cayman, Inner Space 2013, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, Paul Toomer, Paul Haynes
Steve Newman (left) and Watson DeVore (right) enjoying a beverage during Divetech's rebreather week, Inner Space 2013

Paul Toomer (former Director of Technical Training for SSI), Mike Wells (former Director of SSI Freediving), Jim Holliday (former CEO of SSI Australasia), Col McKenzie and his team from SSI Australasia and Mark McCrum (former Manager SSI Australasia) are all part of the team at RAID HQ. I working alongside them for years. I am also excited to be working with many of the former SSI distributors, now RAID around the world again.

It has also been great to see the rest of the RAID Executive team assembled. It’s almost like a whose who of the global dive industry. Colleagues include Terry Cummins (ex PADI VP) and James Rogers (ex PADI UK Director), and rebreather expert Paul Haynes. All these guys are committed to making some big changes in the dive industry and it will be wonderful to be part of something so new, yet based on an unbelievable wealth of industry experience.

Having personally co-authored and written more manuals than most people in the dive industry, I know the challenges with getting them right, especially the first time. For example, by the time you print a student manual, the information can be out of date. So with the 100% digital solution that RAID offers across 60 different courses, you will always have the most current information at your fingertips.

I did not make the decision to come on board with RAID lightly. I took a good look at how the programme was put together, and the way it handles quality control is simply unbelievable. The way the skills are taught in the water at the beginner level is not a re-write of old ideas or concepts, but rather a totally new way to teach. I believe this new way will improve the quality of diver training for years to come.

I also saw what RAID has been able to achieve corporately in such a short period of time since their re-launch early this year. Regional offices already in Australia, Asia, Africa, Italy, Korea, Philippines, Middle East, Latin America, UK and now the USA – You have to agree that this is impressive in anyone’s language and a testimony to what this global team is capable of achieving.

And again, one of the main reasons I have chosen to become a part of RAID is the fact that I will be working hand in hand with my longstanding family and friends from around the world."


BSAC Diving Conference 2014 Winners Announced

BSAC logo_Rosemary E Lunn_Roz Lunn_Mary Tetley_BSAC ConferenceThe 2014 BSAC Diving Conference was held on Saturday 25th October at the Birmingham NEC. Attending delegates enjoy a packed and informative programme of BSAC news, diver training updates and open forums.

During the conference BSAC announced the full list of BSAC Diving Conference 2014 award winners:

– for the most meritorious candidate on the Open Water Instructor course

  • Winner: Lee Evans

 for the most meritorious candidate on the Advanced Instructor course

  • Winner: Chucky Kane

FIRST CLASS DIVER – awarded to the successful 2014 candidates

  • Alan Brown
  • Dai Atkins
  • Dominic Robinson
  • Duncan Reed
  • Robert Sewell
  • Simon Child
  • John De Lara
  • Joli Riley
Martin Parker, AP Diving, BSAC Diving Officer Conference, Mary Tetley, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, BSAC Awards, Colins & Chambers OWI Diving Award
Simon Child (left) was presented with an AP Diving BCD by Martin Parker of AP Diving

 awarded for the most admirable performance in the First Class Diver exam

  • Winner: Simon Child


 awarded to the successful 2014 candidates

  • Maria Harwood, Martin ‘Smudge’ Smith

 awarded to the person who performs most meritoriously in the National Instructor exam

  • Winner: Martin ‘Smudge’ Smith

 awarded for the most admirable performance in a BSAC nationally assessed examination

  • Winner: Martin ‘Smudge’ Smith

BSAC SAFETY AWARD – presented in recognition of endeavouring to save a life without involving diving techniques

  • Winner: Colin Hill

 awarded for the use of good diving lifesaving techniques


  • Malcolm Avis
  • Claude Carletide
  • Mark Edmunds
  • Zack Halim
  • Jim Hallyburton
  • David Horton
  • Natasha Scott
  • John Sharp
  • Martin Smith
  • Ian Stirling
  • Fraser Sweeny

 for the branch judged to have done the most infurthering the interest of BSAC and its members

  • Winner: Bradford SAC
  • Commended: London No 1 Branch

BSAC EXPEDITION TROPHY – presented to the organizer of the most significant British diving expedition of the year

  • Winner: Darwin SAC

to the person/s who in the opinion of the BSA Jubilee Trust has contributed to international cooperation and harmony in diving and associated activities

  • Winner: Dr Ian Calder
Scubapro Cousteau Award, Jeff Reed, Margaret Baldwin, BSAC DOC, BSAC Awards, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, Mary Tetley
Margaret Baldwin being awarded the Scubapro Cousteau Award by BSAC National Diving Officer Jeff Reed


 for the BSAC member who goes that extra mile in the promotion of the club’s aims and objectives

      • Winner: Margaret Baldwin

BSAC WRECK AWARD (new for 2014)

      • Winner: Severnside Sub Aqua Club
        – report on the SS Baygitano

Highly Commended:

      • Guildford Sub Aqua Club (HMT Pine)
      • Chester SAC (A tale of two trawlers.)
      • Calshot Sub Aqua Club (Sunderland Flying boat)
      • Richard Scarsbrook BSAC member individual entry (SS Stassa)


      • Folkestone Sub Aqua Club (HMHS Anglia)
      • Mauritius Underwater group (HMS Sirius)

Thank you awards:

      • Chris Odell
      • Colin McCarthy
      • Jamie Heptonstall
      • Andy Botten
      • Steve Capes
      • Roy Evans
      • Kevin Holmes
      • Dave Bell
      • John Gibbon

More photos and news from the BSAC Diving Conference 2014 can be found here.

33rd International Shipwreck Conference Tickets Now On Sale

IMASS has confirmed that tickets for the 33rd International Shipwreck Conference are now on sale. IMASS (International Maritime Archaeology and Shipwreck Society) organise this event as a forum for divers, explorers and shipwreck enthusiasts.

Shipwreck Conference_Rosemary E Lunn_Roz Lunn_The Underwater Marketing Company_Rich Walker_Project TigerThe 2015 speaker line up includes;

  • Leigh Bishop – Sierra Leone Expedition 2014
  • Neil Dobson – SS Central America
  • Richard Keen – Roman wrecks in the Channel Islands
  • Richard Larn OBE – the wreck of the Admiral Gardner
  • Dave Parham – the Swash Channel wreck
  • Rich Walker – Project Tiger

The date for your diary is Saturday 7th February 2015 and it will be held at the Robbins Centre, University of Plymouth. Tickets are priced at £25 each. For more information and to book tickets to the International Shipwreck Conference 2015 click here.


KISS Launch 'The Sheppard' Bailout Rebreather


BREAKING NEWS - KISS launch a new rebreather.

Named after pioneering Brit cave explorer and diver Jack Sheppard, this is a true lightweight bailout rebreather with at least a 1.5 hour capability.

We believe it is going to be showcased at the Las Vegas 2014 DEMA Show. 

Class of WDHOF 2015 Announced

The Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) has announced the six new Members who will constitute the Class of 2015:

  • WDHOF_Women Divers Hall of Fame_Rosemary E Lunn_Roz Lunn_The Underwater Marketing CompanyWendy Benchley
    Marine Conservation Leader, Ocean Conservation Governmental Policy Advocate, Shark Conservation Spokesperson
  • Cecilie Benjamin
    Pioneer Scuba Instructor, Ocean Conservation Leader, Marine Environment Education Program Advocate
  • Amanda Cotton
    Underwater Photographer, Cave/Tech Diver, Educational Outreach Program Creator
  • Meg Donat
    Pioneer Scuba Instructor, Hyperbaric Chamber Instructor, Diver Medical Technician, Ocean Advocate
  • Lieutenant Grace Landers
    USN: Diving Medical Officer, Submarine Medical Officer, Medical Pioneer and Innovator
  • Amy Slate
    Scuba Instructor, Ocean and Environmental Conservation Leader, Educational Outreach Advocate

These extraordinary women will be officially inducted into WDHOF on 28th March 2015 at the Beneath the Sea (BTS) Awards Banquet in New Jersey, USA.

Amanda Cotton, Lieutenant Grace Landers, Wendy Benchley, Amy Slate, Cecilie Benjamin, Meg Donat, WDHOF, Women Divers Hall of Fame, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company
2015 WDHOF Inductee, photographer Amanda Cotton

The WDHOF was founded in 2000 to recognise the contributions of outstanding women divers.

Members are drawn from many fields including; the Arts, Science, Medicine, Exploration and Technology, Marine Archeology, Business, Media, Training and Education, Safety, Commercial and Military Diving, Free Diving, and Underwater Sports.

The WDHOF also offers financial assistance and mentorship to women and men interested in pursuing diving careers. They currently support 13 annual scholarships and training grants.