Do You Know a 'Tech' And / Or 'CCR' Friendly Dive Charter?

CCR expedition leader Pete Mesley is currently doing some research for a presentation he is going to be giving later on this year. And he needs some advice.

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Stage cylinders ready for use during Divetech's Inner Space, Image Credit: Rosemary E Lunn

"What dive charter companies out there are TRUE supporters of technical diving? By this I mean that they don't just say that they are 'tech' or 'CCR' friendly. They really provide the products, services and support needed by this market."

Here is the criteria:

  • The company states whether the customer wanting to do a tech dive needs to buy a sole charter, or a customer can walk in and go for a tech dive
  • The company has tech gear for hire - twin / double manifolded cylinders, rigged stage tanks, sorb, etc
  • The company pumps helium, oxygen, etc and can boost fills
  • The staff are fully capable of supporting tech divers, ie providing guiding services

If you know a dive company who can offer at least two out of the four criteria listed above, please email Pete Mesley.

He would really appreciate your feedback and input on this.