Experience Digital Madness With Alex

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Are you struggling to get the most out of your underwater photography? Award winning photographer - Dr Alex Mustard - is hosting 'Digital Madness' in Cayman in December and there are just two spaces left!

This is a jam packed week of specialised diving, tailored for enthusiastic underwater photographers, with one to one tutoring in the pool, lectures and group image review sessions under the expert guidance of Alex.

Alex has been diving Grand Cayman for many years hence he knows which dive sites and what time of day will produce the best photographic opportunities. Under Alex's guidance you will impress yourself with the results you and your camera will produce during a Digital Madness Workshop.

Any underwater photographer can advance their portfolio to a whole new level. Alex's underwater photography workshops are never run as a competition. Sharing and collaberation fuel better learning and overall results from the group.

Digital Madness will run from 3rd to 10th December 2016. To book your space contact Ocean Frontiers in Grand Cayman.

Drive 'n' Dive Hampshire This Weekend

The Diving Museum, Gosport, Provincial Bus Society, John Bevan, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, days out in Hampshire, historic divingThis Sunday - 21st August 2016 - the Diving Museum in Gosport is collaborating with the Provincial Bus Society to deliver a grand family day out!

You can catch a vintage double decker from the Gosport Hard, and take a leisurely tour of Gosport before stopping off at the award-winning, family-friendly Diving Museum in Stokes Bay.

There are four tours throughout the day starting at Gosport Hard
- 11.15*
- 12.15*
- 14.15*
- 15.15*

The last bus leaves the Diving Museum at approximately 15.30. 

This bus tour is absolutely free, whilst the entry to the museum is the same price as a cup of tea. 

*Timings are approximate

Meet The Deepest Scuba Diver On Earth @ EUROTEK.2016

The deepest scuba diver in the world - Ahmed Gabr – is tenacious.

Ahmed Gabr, EUROTEK, advanced diving conference, scuba show, deepest diver, depth record, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, scuba news, diving PROn the 18 / 19 September 2014 Ahmed took 14 minutes to reach 332.35 metres on open circuit scuba. This extreme dive took 13 hours 50 minutes, 93 tanks, 15 in-water divers and a 10 person surface-support team to complete.

Ahmed Gabr's record breaking Dahab dive really began back in 2008. At the time the South African technical diver Nuno Gomes held the world deep scuba record at a depth of 318.25 mt / 1044 ft).

I took two years to evaluate whether I could do the dive”, Gabr stated. “I then undertook a four year hardcore training programme to improve my metal and physical fitness – yoga, cardiovascular, cycling, running, swimming – whilst following a Pescatarian diet. (A plant-based diet with the inclusion of fish). I wanted to become a Vegan, but that is pretty challenging. I actually delayed the dive five times until the 18 September to ensure that everything was as perfect as it could be.

Come and meet Ahmed and the other 29 EUROTEK.2016 speakers on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October. But don't hang about to book your ticket. There has been a brisk trade in weekend passes (£80 each) and divers will be flying in from 15 different countries to gather at the ICC in the heart of Birmingham. If you want to guarantee your place, book now. You don't want to miss out on the diving event of the year!”


BOLO Stolen Cave Rescue Organisation Equipment

Be On The Look Out!

Humans can be really quite extraordinary creatures.

CRO, Cave Rescue Organisation, Kingsdale Master Cave, EuroSpeleo, Heightec, stolen cave gear, karabiners, Petzl Am’D, Faders Goliat, Faders HMS, Lyon Equipment, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, scuba news, diving PR To put it bluntly we were pretty gob-smacked to read a report issued by the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) on the 8th August 2016.

The CRO provides voluntary cave and mountain rescue services in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. In a typical year this charity will handle 50+ incidents, the majority of which are walkers in the Yorkshire Dales.

As I write this we are a day away from 'EuroSpeleo'. This week-long festival of British caving kicks off on Saturday 13th August.

A lot of preparation work has been conducted - 31 pot-hole systems have been rigged - allowing 1,000 speleo enthusiasts to enjoy quality Brit caving during this 5th European Speleological Congress.

One particular cave has recently had a 'highline' traverse rigged in it by the Cave Rescue Organisation. The CRO installed a high line traverse in Kingsdale Master Cave to enable safe access and exit in case of a rescue, or in the event the Kingsdale system experiences a major flood.

Following reports, the CRO inspected the Kingsdale Master Cave rigging to find that someone at the weekend had removed a substantial section of the traverse rope, together with 56 mixed karabiners holding it in place. It is believed that the theft took place between 14:00 - 16:00 on Sunday 7th August 2016. The CRO has reported the equipment theft to North Yorkshire Police. They have also urged any member of the public with knowledge of this theft to contact the Police.

CRO, Cave Rescue Organisation, Kingsdale Master Cave, EuroSpeleo, Heightec, stolen cave gear, karabiners, Petzl Am’D, Faders Goliat, Faders HMS, Lyon Equipment, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, scuba news, diving PR
Examples of the stolen karabiners

This photo shows examples of the stolen karabiners. From to right they are a Petzl Am’D, a Faders Goliat and a Faders HMS.

The majority were Faders HMS - the one with the distinctive pull and twist lock on the screw-gate sleeve, which makes using them with a single hand a bit awkward. All three types had yellow paint on their screw-gate sleeves, although the thief may be able to remove this.

Any climber or caver who is offered karabiners of these types at a knock-down price, should please identify the thief to North Yorkshire Police, by phoning 101, selecting North Yorkshire and quoting Crime Reference '121 601 436 85'. You an also email snacraven@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

In addition two red and silver Meander Transport tackle bags, stencilled ‘CRO’ and labelled ‘KMC 1’ and ‘KMC 2’, were stolen. It is possible that the labels may have been removed.

CRO, Cave Rescue Organisation, Kingsdale Master Cave, EuroSpeleo, stolen cave gear, karabiners, Petzl Am’D, Faders Goliat, Faders HMS, Lyon Equipment, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, scuba news, diving PR, Heightec
The CRO in action

The sickening part about this theft is that it was not conducted by a random member of the public - someone who would not understand the implication of removing this essential safety equipment. This theft was done by a caver. A person with full knowledge they have potentially placed the lives of CRO team members and other cavers at risk.

I started with article stating that humans are extraordinary creatures and Lyon Equipment have proved this in a positive manner. (Lyon distribute caving, climbing, mountaineering and general 'outdoor' equipment).

They have issued this statement.

"We were alarmed to hear about the theft of Cave Rescue Organisation equipment from Kingsdale Master Cave recently, in particular as that equipment was placed in order to provide a safe exit from the cave system in event of a flood during the forthcoming EuroSpeleo2016 event.

Lyon Equipment have long been supporters of the CRO and our Chairman - Ben Lyon - is the current President of the organisation. Under the circumstances we decided to provide replacement karabiners so that the emergency route can be re-established."

The CRO responded by return.

"The CRO are extremely grateful for this generous donation of karabiners as it has not only saved us a considerable amount of money but the speedy response has helped us to be able to replace the tackle for the route quickly in case it is needed on a rescue. Thank you again for your continued support Lyon Equipment".

We also understand that Heightec (height safety and rescue specialists) have also kindly offered replacement karabiners and maillons.

Humans can be really quite extraordinary creatures.

You Too Can Sleep Underwater At Aquarius

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We have recently been following Dr Dawn Kernagis - a Research Scientist at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) - during her NEEMO 21 Mission. (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations).

Kernagis was one of six crew members to join this NASA undersea mission. She, along with other crew members and two professional habitat technicians lived for a week at 19 mt / 62 ft in the Aquarius Undersea Reef Base. Their daily view was marine life in the Floridian Atlantic Ocean.

Now you have the opportunity to experience the world's only undersea saturation diving facility for yourself. For the very first time Florida International University is offering an 'Introduction to Saturation Diving'.

This US$1,000 course covers the theory of saturation diving with the practical part culminating in an overnight stay at the Aquarius Undersea Reef Base. 

You can register your place here.

Bowmer Buys Bowstone Diving Products

Bowmer Bond Narrow Fabrics, Bowstone Diving Products, Simon Rodger, diving pouches, scuba diving weight belts, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, diving PR, scuba diving news

In 1990 Brit diver and textile worker Simon Rodger made some diving accessories for himself. He had discovered that he could not find what he needed. Rodger's products soon got noticed, and it wasn't long before he was manufacturing a variety of pouches and weight belts for the UK diving industry.

"I could see a gap for diving accessories that divers needed and wanted, hence I combined my textile expertise with my diving knowledge. The result was Bowstone Diving Products."

Bowstone has been quietly successful, hence twenty six years later - on 1st July 2016 - Bowmer Bond Narrow Fabrics Limited bought Bowstone Diving Products.

"Simon Rodger will continue to be involved in Bowstone Diving Products, servicing existing operations, providing expertise and developing new business opportunities", stated Mark Allender, Finance Director of Bowmer Bond Narrow Fabrics. "This is very much “business as usual” and you be can rest assured that customer service and reliability will be maintained."

"I am very happy with this decision", stated Simon Rodger. "Bowmer Bond operates certified quality management systems to ISO 9001. I am proud to say that products in the Bowstone Diving range despatched by Bowmer Bond will now be covered by this certification. This move is going to allow me to concentrate on something I love doing, product design and manufacturing".

For further information please email Bowstone Diving Products or call Customer Services on +44(0)1335 342244.


#TBT: OceanPostive Meets Ghostfishing @ Boot.2016

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Ghost fishing meets Fourth Element thanks to the OceanPositive catalyst - from left to right Pascal van Erp, Rosemary E Lunn, Jim Standing @ 2016 Dusseldorf Boot Show

A small but historic meeting took place at this year's Dusseldorf's Boot Show.

After 'virtually' working together for several years, Pascal van Erp of Ghostfishing.org met with Jim Standing from Fourth Element on Tuesday 26th January 2016. The catalyst that initially brought them together in 2013, and then introduced them in real-life in 2016 was TUMC's Rosemary E Lunn (aka Roz).

"From a young age I had been brought up to recycle and respect the environment," stated Roz. "So when I heard Pascal talk at a European diving conference about the ghost fishing project, including how the recovered fishing gear is recycled into usable, knittable nylon, I was hooked. I instantly knew that this project would also jibe with Fourth Element's ethos. They are as engaged with the environment as I am - both our companies know how important it is to recycle, reuse and reduce.

As soon as I could, I briefed Jim Standing, knowing that he and Paul Strike had the vision and knowledge to create something rather lovely and useful, whilst closing the 'grave to cradle' circle. Little did I realise that one phone call would result in the genesis of OceanPositive.

Jim Standing and Dr Sylvia Earle

I was incredibly lucky to meet with Dr Sylvia Earle at the 2014 DEMA Show and talk to her about OceanPositive. When I was subsequently able to introduce her to Jim Standing and show her the OceanPositive range, it was a momentous moment because this clothing range is very close to my heart.

I spend my professional life putting people and businesses together. It is rather like doing a jigsaw puzzle, joining two seemingly random pieces together to make a proper picture. I can see a product, service or person and know who the matching right person is in the diving industry. I have found watching OceanPositive evolve and grow utterly fascinating. It was therefore very special introducing Pascal to Jim in person for the first time."