Join an Innovative and Exciting Team @ Fourth Element

Fourth Element are on the look out for new talent and they currently have two vacancies;

Junior Designer for Web

Salary: 16 - 20k (Depending on Experience)

Fourth Element, Jim Standing, Thermal Underwear, Rosemary Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, thermal stress, lightweight luggage, Halo 3D, Xerotherm, Arctic, wetsuitWe are currently looking for a graphic designer with web experience to join the team at Fourth Element. The role involves a wide variety of tasks covering everything from advertising, marketing, print graphics, design for web and social media. The successful candidate would ideally have a basic knowledge of design for web. This represents a fantastic opportunity for someone with limited knowledge to get hands on experience and training in website design, coding, marketing and management. Training and mentoring will be available through the UCP programme to help develop knowledge and skills in key areas for the successful candidate.

For more information and to apply, visit the UCP website here: Unlocking Cornish Potential

UK Sales Manager

Salary: 20 - 25k, OTE 35K plus Company Car or Car allowance

Location: Head Office: Mullion and UK Regional Sales

Fourth Element, post dive wear, diving clothing, Jim Standing, Rosemary Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, diving threads, diving tshirt, Fantastic opportunity to join a dynamic company that is showing significant expansion in the UK and overseas. Fourth Element has established itself as the worldwide market leader in Scuba Diving thermal protection and clothing, producing a range of high performance thermal solutions for recreational and professional scuba divers throughout the world, including neoprene wetsuits, drysuit underwear and a casual clothing range.

The successful candidate will visit dive stores throughout the UK and Ireland, to show new products and to encourage sales. This will require on average approx 10 days every month to be on the road and the remaining time working from the head office located at Higher Bochym, Nr Mullion. The successful applicant will inherit an active customer list, but will be expected to open and develop new business throughout the UK.

The position would suit a qualified and active Scuba Diver although this is not essential. Sales promotional activities such as attending dive shows and 'demo' days over a small number of weekends throughout the year will form a critical part of the job role.

Please apply in writing to : Jim Standing, Fourth Element Ltd, Higher Bochym, Helston, TR12 7AZ.

Book now for Rebreather Forum 3

For anyone with an interest in rebreather technology and science, Rebreather Forum 3 (RF3) is an unmissable occasion. With all the major players attending, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get up to speed with current thinking in rebreather technology, from the industry's foremost minds.

RF3 ( will be held from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th May 2012 inclusive at the Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando. This unique conference comprises two elements; 30 different talks delivered by a team of respected speakers over three days and a specialist Expo with more than 30 international exhibitors.

Rebreather Forum 3, Drew Richardson, Michael Menduno, Kim Smith, Kiss Rebreathers, Martin Robson, Petar Denoble, Andrew Fock, David Concannon, Peter Sieniewicz, Bill Stone, John Clarke, Arne Sieber, Jeff Bozanic, Kevin Gurr, Dan Warkander, Bruce Partridge, Gavin Anthony, Mike Ward, Martin Parker, David Cowgill, Oskar Franberg, Phil Short, Dave Pence, Jill Heinerth, Terrance Tysall, Neal W. Pollock, Simon Mitchell, CO2 Sensors, O2 Sensors, O2 Control, Scrubber technology, RESA, Rebreather Education & Safety Association, Rebreather Forum 2, Thermal Physiology and protection, thermal stress, CCR physiology, CCR diving fatalities, decompression methods, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, ANDI, TDI, IANTD, DAN, AAUS, DAN, Divetech Cayman, Nancy Easterbrook, Steve Lewis, Bruce Partridge, Richie Kohler, Richard Pyle, US CoastguardIt's 16 years since the previous Rebreather Forum and there is much to discuss. Major issues will be addressed surrounding rebreather technology, and its application in sport, military, research and scientific diving. RF3 has two key objectives; an emphasis on safety and the much needed peer review of the state of the art. As a RF3 delegate you will be part of this important process.

The social side has not been forgotten either, whenever divers get together they like to talk and in the up and coming months you can follow us on Twitter; #RebreatherF3 or Facebook. On Friday night there will be a Loud Shirt Party - a Beach BBQ extravaganza - ideal for catching up with friends and colleagues, meanwhile on Saturday night we celebrate success at the glamorous and sophisticated RF3 Gala Banquet.

Although rebreather diving is a niche market, it is not without influence and it’s actively expanding. We are now entering a new age of diving. In the last couple of years we've seen major steps forward with the recent launch of two recreational machines. The ‘Type R’ rebreather is coming of age and the training agencies are actively working with manufacturers to grow this significant new market.

Attending Rebreather Forum 3 gives you unrivalled access to the very latest in rebreather training, technology and ethos, delivered by some of the world's significant figures in the field. It’s not often that you will get the opportunity to meet and talk to these cutting edge leading professionals who shape and influence this industry.

Delegates will therefore be pleased to hear that there are "Early Bird Specials" on RF3 Tickets until 1st February 2012, with savings of up to US$100 per ticket. With RF3 tickets starting from US$290, log onto now to book your place at this decade’s most momentous rebreather event. Regardless of your experience level, Rebreather Forum 3 is not to be missed.

Calling all Rebreather Divers – time to take part in a CO2 Survey

Rebreather Forum 3, RF3, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, Neal Pollock, Jill Heinerthm, Phil Short, John Clarke, Drew Richardson, Simon Mitchell, Richie Kohler, Martin Robson, Steve Lewis, Bruce Partridge, Petar Denoble, Dan Orr, David Doolette, rebreathers, Mark Caney, Nancy Easterbrook, Richard Vann, CO2 monitoring

The Rubicon Foundation in collaboration with Divers Alert Network, Duke Anesthesiology, and the Navy Experimental Diving Unit are calling for rebreather divers to take party in a survey.

The aim of this web-based questionnaire is to evaluate the use of existing carbon dioxide (CO2) canister tracking technology within the recreation and technical diving community.  Divers can be assured that the information is being collected in such a way that it removes the identity of the respondents for privacy protection.

Please click on this link to complete the survey.

The results will be published in scientific literature as soon as they are compiled, with preliminary results being presented in Orlando at Rebreather Forum 3 in May.

Press Coverage includes;
British Diver

Save Our Life Savers – Portland SAR is to be chopped

Portland, diving, search and rescue, diving, south coast, safety, The Underwater Marketing Company, Rosemary Lunn, Roz Lunn, SAROn November 28th 2011, the British Government announced that it planned to scrap Portland's search-and-rescue helicopter. This helicopter serves some of Britain's most popular and perilous recreational waters and one of Europe's busiest shipping routes.

We believe that local knowledge is paramount to providing an effective and efficient emergency service at sea, where a few minutes are often the difference between life and death. This cut will cost lives.

Please follow the link and sign the petition;

Custom Divers revolutionary ‘Seeker’ D-SMB gets you picked up quicker

“It can be quite a scary thought (when you are sitting beneath a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy decompressing) wondering if the boat has seen you, or if you are adrift on your lonesome”, stated Alex Vassallo, Custom Divers CEO. “On a long deco your imagination can play horrible games with you. I tend to keep mine occupied by thinking of things that will make diving safer, and this was where the Custom Divers Seeker radar detectable D-SMB was conceived. I wanted to be assured that the boat had seen my D-SMB, so the solution was to make it radar detectable. Basically, the Seeker is a traditional D-SMB which contains a conductive material shaped to receive and send back radar signals. It sounds simple but the Seeker took over three years of research, development and testing until we were truly satisfied we had a full patent pending product that will revolutionise diver safety.

During the development phase it was tested every time I went diving, and over a number of months we were getting good results but I felt it was not enough. I wanted to improve the detectable distance of the Seeker. With further modifications to the design and materials the Seeker was then re-tested by various Skippers on the English South Coast to verify its performance on their radar, and thanks guys for all your support. After several evolvements one Skipper phoned to say “this model is brilliant”! and so we felt it was appropriate to run broader and more extensive tests and at this stage we involved the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboats Institution) and Her Majesty’s Coastguard. I am delighted to confirm that the Seeker D-SMB showed up on boat radars from 1.5 miles away and from 2 miles on helicopters. The tests were conducted in British seas, over a long period of time in various conditions and included a simulated pitch black/fog search. The Skipper would navigate purely using the radar (with a watcher looking out of the windscreen to check he didn’t run into anything) and on each occasion the boats/helicopters located the buoy with ease, ending up within a few feet from the Seeker. From the Skipper/Rescue Services point of view the great thing about the Seeker radar detectable D-SMB is that because it is fully compatible with every radar system there is no need for any additional kit.

For the diver, a key feature of the Seeker is that it has a four-way fill option. Having seen many a diver forget to fill their D-SMB crack bottle I wanted to come up with a number of filling solutions. Firstly, it can be easily orally inflated, by blowing into a tube. Alternatively we have fitted a non-locking nipple fitting to the oral tube that connects to a low pressure inflator hose. Then there is the system that a number of divers already use, which is cracking a small air cylinder to fill the D-SMB. (The diver needs to replace the Seeker’s blanking plug with a DIN or A Clamp Pillar Adaptor before an AP Valves 0.1 litre, 232 bar bottle is attached). Finally, the diver can fill the Seeker D-SMB in the traditional manner by purging a second stage into the bottom of the buoy.

“So now just knowing that the Skipper can see my blob has given me great peace of mind on long hangs”, stated Vassallo, “and it’s great knowing we’ve helped divers improve their safety”. If you want to be safe in the knowledge your Skipper can easily see your Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, log onto for more information and technical specifications on the Seeker radar detectable Delayed Surface Marker Buoy.

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Custom Divers announce a serious step forward in Diver Safety – The Hewee Go Urination System

“We all know that one of the contributing factors to Decompression Illness is dehydration”, stated Alex Vassallo, Custom Divers CEO.  “Hydrating properly before a dive means only one thing - the need to wee easily during the dive. Whilst there have been a couple of solutions - nappies and traditional sticky sheaths - these are not always as successful as one would wish.  Nappies can flood and sheaths would either stick, (which could prove to be a nightmare to remove post dive), or they didn't, (and would blow/fall off during use). To combat this, divers would use tape, which could be uncomfortable.

Custom Divers uniquely designed Hewee Go Urination System eliminates all these problems. In fact it's so comfy, that quite a few divers who have tried this say it's such a secure fit, it feels as though they are not wearing anything. So if you're looking for piece of mind when you're hydrating for your next dive, come and talk to Custom Divers at the forth coming Birmingham Dive Show - DIVE 2008 - or log onto

Custom Divers debut their latest arrivals – the Pocket Ratchet Reel and Bravo Wing System – shown for the first time at the NEC Dive 2005 Show

Custom Divers are celebrating a decade of manufacturing quality diving equipment on Stand 1358 at Dive 2005 with the launch of a diminutive new reel and the innovative Bravo sealed wing system. 

Our ratchet reels have proved to be extremely popular over the years.  Now we are proud to announce we’ve augmented our Reel Collection with the launch of a new Pocket Ratchet Reel.  Like it’s cousins, this reel benefits from being designed to offer the diver both ratchet and free run functions, making it ideal for D-SMB work.  As the name suggests this is a dinky reel, and because of its well thought out design, is snag free and the tension of the spool can be adjusted to suit individual needs. 

Likewise we will be unveiling our latest wing system – the Bravo.  This unique innovation will be shown for the first time at Birmingham, having been launched in Las Vegas at DEMA two weeks prior. 

The Megalodon Rebreather will also be on the stand.  It is currently undergoing CE certification and we look forward to making an announcement in the diving press soon.

For divers looking for solutions to technical or more adventurous diving, an ideal place to get your questions answered is on the Custom Divers stand number 1358. We would be delighted to help you get more from your diving and will offer good sound advice from experienced divers. We will also have a limited range of stock for sale at the show.  For further information check out