Life on 'Mars' according to Jarrod Jablonski

DiveLife, a Manchester based scuba diving centre, has pulled off a major coup. They will be hosting a talk given by GUE's Jarrod Jablonski on 'Mars the Magnificent'.

Mars the Magnificent Richard Lundgren Rich Lundgren Jarrod Jablonski GUE EUROTEK Award Winner OZTek TEKDiveUSA Rosemary E Lunn Roz Lunn The Underwater Marketing Company DiveLifeThis warship sank off the Swedish coast during a fierce battle in 1564, with a loss of 440 men and a full compliment of over 100 huge cannon. After a twenty year search a team led by Richard Lundgren found her in 2011. Many consider Mars to be the marine archaeological find of the century.

The last time Jarrod spoke in the UK was in 2008, at the inaugural advanced and technical diving conference,  EUROTEK.

Jarrod will be at DiveLife on Monday 9th September. The talk kicks off at 19.30. It is free, however you will need to book a space in order make sure that seating can be arranged.

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