Sea Scouts, Scuba and Scholarships

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The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a great organisation for boys and girls aged 14 to 21 keen to learn and improve their skills in, on and under the water. There are Sea Scout units (called ships) established across the USA on oceans, bays, rivers, and lakes.

The program covers important leadership and life skills, and includes a healthy serving of fun activities, where young people can share interests. One such activity is scuba diving, where the next generation can earn valuable scuba training and certifications.

Boy Scouts of America, youth diving, scuba diving, USA, Kathy Weydig, Keith Christopher, Sea Scouts, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, scuba diving PR, The Underwater Marketing Company, DAN, Divers Alert Network, WDHOF, Women Divers Hall of FameIf you are curious about how you can integrate Sea Scouts into your diving training operation, come to Room S230 today (Thursday 17th November 2016) at the DEMA Show.

Kathy Weydig (WDHOF Founder, DAN Board Member), and Keith Christopher (National Director of Sea Scouts & Outdoor Programs with Boy Scouts of America) will share how interacting with these young and adventurous scouts helps encourage a lifetime love of diving and promotes conservation of the seas.

And there is funding available too! Did you know that PADI offers a multilevel scholarship program to introduce Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts to the exciting underwater world?

You can find out more today at 10.00.

#TBT: Dive Rite Launches World's First Helium Analyser

#ThrowBackThursday. Spring 2000 to be exact. Although Helium analysers are considered standard equipment by advanced and technical divers today, they were not always the norm. In fact until the turn of the century the only way to confirm the amount of Helium in your mix was to conduct a gas spectrometer test in a lab.

The game changer - a Helium analyser you could use in the field - was launched by Dive Rite at the January 2000 DEMA Show in Las Vegas.

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Above you will find a scan of an article reporting this useful news in Issue 3, Volume 2 of 990 Magazine.

If you would like to read this edition of 990 in full, click here, and download your copy of this much missed and respected diving magazine.

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The Underwater Marketing Company's 2014!

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2014 was a fantastic year for The Underwater Marketing Company. Rosemary E Lunn (Roz) regularly contributes to a number of diving publications, including Sport Diver Magazine and X-Ray Magazine. Getting your work printed is always special. But nothing is quite so thrilling as being featured on the front cover.

The first half of the year was taken up consulting on and establishing an inaugural technical diving event in North America; TEKDiveUSA. Roz and the Thorntons were supported and assisted by some amazing and talented Smurfs, and the international team of speakers, sponsors and exhibitors weren't bad either. A favourite memory was being grabbed by gleeful Tom Mount who was chuffed to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

From Miami Roz flew straight to Grand Cayman to work Divetech's Inner Space. If every dive centre was as well run as Nancy Easterbook's establishment, the diving industry would be in great shape. This week long event attracts rebreather divers from all over the world for a number of reasons, including the plethora of underwater attractions this tropical island offers. The highlight of Inner Space was being made an ambassador for Poseidon Rebreathers, a fun time machine with the ability to do some serious diving.

The summer saw the publication of the long awaited Rebreather Forum 3 Proceedings. (Click the link to get your free copy of this invaluable resource from this 2012 international safety symposium). Anyone involved with or diving rebreathers ought to read it.We attend a number of scuba shows and events throughout the World. In the USA Roz often bumps into Greg the Divemaster from Scuba Radio. This online radio show has been broadcast for 17 years. It is always good to be able to contribute to this programme.

In August, 200 divers descended on North Wales for The Anglesey ScubaFest. Diving, snorkelling, discover scuba, freediving clinics, kit try dives, bands, beach combing, beverages and bonne amid. £100 was raised for local charities and a good time was had by all.Time for another fab event. In September 500 divers, industry movers and shakers, explorers, experts and specialist exhibitors from all over the globe headed for the ICC in Birmingham. EUROTEK Advanced Diving Conference, the major European advanced and tech diving conference turned 4 this year! Our gorgeous gala awards dinner was even more glittering and we raised £4,000 for the Rubicon Foundation, thanks to the generosity of divers and sponsors alike.

It only seemed days later that it was DEMA Show in Las Vegas. Roz worked with Dive Rite on the launch of their new LX 20 Primary handheld torch. It was great to help produce a sexy display iin the New Products Showcase.So that is glimpse of some of the highlights of 2014 - a year of scuba event management, journalism and PR. Here is to a great 2015!

Dr. Richard D. Vann to be awarded prestigious NOGI

Dr Richard D Vann_Rebreather Forum 3_RF3_NOGI Award for Science_Rosemary E Lunn_Roz Lunn_The Underwater Marketing Company_flying after diving reserach_Dr Neal W Pollock_diving physiology
Dr. Richard Vann gave a number of safety and physiology talks at the 2013 DEMA Show
Photo Copyright: Rosemary E Lunn / The Underwater Marketing Company

The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences has announced that Dr. Richard D. Vann has been selected for induction into the 2014 Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS) Fellow Program.

Dr. Vann’s work and lifetime dedication to dive science earns him a place alongside industry icons.

This coveted award is widely recognised as the oldest and most prestigious in the diving industry. The NOGI has been awarded on an annual basis since 1960 to a select group of divers and undersea visionaries who rank at the top of their fields in arts, science, sports / education, environment, and distinguished service. In 1993 the AUAS was created to administer the NOGI award.

Dr. Vann, Vice President of Research for Divers Alert Network (DAN) (1990-2010), current consultant to DAN and Assistant Professor Emeritus at Duke University Medical Center will be inducted into the AUAS in the Science category and will receive a NOGI Award for his efforts and contributions to the underwater world.

Dr. Vann’s work in diving and environmental physiology spans nearly 50 years with Ocean Systems, Inc., US Navy Underwater Demolition Team-12, Duke Hyperbaric Center and Divers Alert Network. His work includes accomplishments such as the Johnson Space Center’s Group Achievement Award from NASA in 2011, and the Albert R. Behnke Award from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Dr. Vann was awarded this in 2012 for outstanding scientific contributions to undersea biomedical activity. His most recent work was on Rebreather Forum 3. Dr. Vann was one of key drivers behind this safety symposium and he is the lead editor on the subsequent conference proceedings. These are due to be published shortly.

“Receiving a NOGI is exciting and quite an honor,” said Dr. Vann. “Understanding diving safety, particularly fatalities and decompression sickness, has been my major professional interest. I am most pleased by this recognition.”

This NOGI award will be presented to Dr. Vann at the 54th Annual NOGI Awards Gala held during the DEMA Show in November 2014.

“DAN is proud to have one of our own inducted into this elite group of dive industry professionals,” said Bill Ziefle, President and CEO of Divers Alert Network. “Dr. Vann has spent a lifetime advancing dive safety research and it is exciting to see him receive this great honour. His scientific contributions have made a significant impact in our sport.”

Associate Professor Simon J Mitchell stated, “Dr. Vann has devoted much of the latter part of his career to identifying unresolved issues of substantial practical importance to the diving community, and has set about resolving them. Frequently this has involved the exhausting task of organising and orchestrating workshops to weigh evidence and generate consensus. It is unquestionably fair to say that no individual in the diving science community has contributed more time and effort in this regard than Dr. Vann. I believe our community owes this archetypal ‘scholar and gentleman’ a huge debt of gratitude and I am thrilled to see him recognised in this way.”

The Academy Fellowship and the Underwater Society of America are responsible for the nomination and selection of all NOGI Award winners. Each year, AUAS invites Academy fellows to recommend nominees for a prestigious NOGI Award. To recommend future NOGI recipients, simply explore the roster of NOGI Fellows on the AUAS website ( to determine the most appropriate contact person.

Joining Dr. Vann are four other NOGI Awardees: Lad Handelman (Distinguished Service); Richard Ellis (Arts), Bill Macdonald, (Environment), and Mike Hollis, Sports & Education.

Divers Alert Network President Dan Orr announces retirement

Divers Alert Network announced that well-known DAN representative and industry ambassador Dan Orr has retired from his position as President of DAN Inc. Orr, who has been with the DAN organisation for the last two decades, is a well-respected and recognized fixture at industry and consumer events throughout the world.

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Dan Orr at the 2012 DEMA Show Photo Credit: Alese & Morton Pechter (

Dan Orr’s passion for scuba diver safety has grown through his tenure with DAN that has taken him to virtually every corner of the globe. Orr, can often be seen engaging scuba divers at various events throughout the country. He is an invited speaker at diving medical and safety seminars around the world and often speaks to local scuba diving clubs and local scuba retail outlets.

Having held multiple positions within the DAN organisation, Orr is best recognized for developing the DAN Oxygen Programme that has become the worldwide standard in the first aid for diving emergencies. By working with instructors and local dive stores and local dive stores across the country, Orr helped build a network of DAN instructors and instructor-trainers that allowed this important initiative to quickly spread throughout the global diving community. Orr has spent his career at DAN promoting DAN’s mission of dive safety.

“Dan Orr’s commitment to the recreational scuba industry is unmatched. His spirit, dedication and expertise have helped make DAN the diving industry’s leading safety organization. For that, every DAN member past and present can thank Dan Orr,” said William Ziefle, President and CEO of DAN Inc. “We appreciate everything Dan Orr has done for DAN and the dive industry and wish them well in their future endeavors.”

Bill Ziefle added that Dan Orr has been named President Emeritus of the DAN Foundation and will serve DAN in an official capacity until his retirement in August 2013.

Among the many awards and accolades that Dan Orr has received over the years, the latest and most prestigious was the DEMA Reaching Out Award which was presented to him last Fall. A published author of numerous books, training programs and presentations, Orr was elected into the Hall of Fame for Disabled Divers in 2010, is a recipient of the NOGI Award in Sports/Education, the Wyland Icon Award, Beneath the Sea’s Diver of the Year, the Our World Underwater Award, the Leonard Greenstone Diving Safety Award, and is one of the inaugural Platinum Pro 5000 honorees by Scuba Schools International.

Waterproof are proud to announce a new industry standard for drysuit seals

Waterproof (, the respected Swedish neoprene protection manufacturer is proud to announce that the worldwide drysuit diving community will soon be able to benefit from their superior silicone seals.  “When we launched our new speedy silicone seals at the 2009 Orlando DEMA Show we set a new benchmark, and it caused quite a stir in the drysuit diving industry”, stated Christer Falkeborn, Waterproof CEO.  “The manufacturers were very excited to see our superlative silicone seals because they offer the diver so much. 

Firstly because the seals are made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, there are no more problems with latex intolerance.  Whilst this is not a major issue for most divers, some divers do have a problem with it.  Silicone is an amazing material to work because it’s so adaptable.  It’s extremely stretchy, so for instance if you accidentally don your drysuit on over your watch, it is no longer a problem.  Before you either had to spend time wriggling out of your sleeve, or you had a fight on your hands as you wrestled the seal to remove your watch.  Now you simply lift the seal over the watch in seconds because it has 40% more elasticity than traditional seals. 

Silicone is also a very durable material that does not degenerate when exposed to UV, Ozone and fuel from RHIB engines.  Whilst our seals do have incredible longevity, we thought it important to include in the design, the ability to deal with problems in the field.  We are also divers and know that seals always tend to fail just before you are due to jump into the water.  The answer is to build in the facility for the diver to replace a seal, anytime, any place, any ocean, and this will be done as standard.

So why keep something that will transform diver’s lives to just Waterproof divers?  We understand that a drysuit is a very personal thing.  It’s a key piece of equipment that divers spend a long time researching and saving for.  We therefore felt that we would almost be penalising any diver if they wanted to simply upgrade their suit seals.  So I am delighted to announce that all divers will have access to our incredible seals as we will be working in partnership with Sitech, the Swedish drysuit inflator company; and the Blue Chip Drysuit manufacturers.  Now divers who dive other respected drysuit brands will be also dive and enjoy the new Waterproof benchmark lightweight silicone seals with supreme longevity”.

Perhaps the best single reference book ever published for divers…the 2009 Diving Almanac is now available

The 2009 edition of the Diving Almanac & Book of Records (, edited by Jeffrey Gallant, is now published and available.  Considered as ‘perhaps the best single reference book ever published for divers’ and ‘the definitive general reference book on diving’ by the diving media, this is the only almanac on the diving world packed with hard-to-find information from around the globe.  With 15 chapters covering subjects from military diving, to freediving, oceanography and equipment, the 750 page third edition also contains nearly 500 diving records and 600 Who’s Who of the Diving World.

New features for the 2009 Edition include the Dive Business Directory (The ‘Yellow Pages’ of Diving), a rewritten Photo/Video Chapter by Dr Alex Mustard, a new chapter on Cave Diving by cave explorer/instructor Martin Robson, and a 100 page Year in Review (September 2007 to December 2008). 

If you’re looking for a unique published resource about the Diving World, the 2009 Diving Almanac & Book of Records has so many facts and data for everything diving, and is recommended for anyone with an interest in diving, even someone just a bit curious about it.  And for trivia junkies, this book is a gold mine.

To order your copy of this one-of-a-kind publication for only US$42 (approx €33/£29), simply log onto to benefit from free postage and pack.

Custom Divers debut their latest arrivals – the Pocket Ratchet Reel and Bravo Wing System – shown for the first time at the NEC Dive 2005 Show

Custom Divers are celebrating a decade of manufacturing quality diving equipment on Stand 1358 at Dive 2005 with the launch of a diminutive new reel and the innovative Bravo sealed wing system. 

Our ratchet reels have proved to be extremely popular over the years.  Now we are proud to announce we’ve augmented our Reel Collection with the launch of a new Pocket Ratchet Reel.  Like it’s cousins, this reel benefits from being designed to offer the diver both ratchet and free run functions, making it ideal for D-SMB work.  As the name suggests this is a dinky reel, and because of its well thought out design, is snag free and the tension of the spool can be adjusted to suit individual needs. 

Likewise we will be unveiling our latest wing system – the Bravo.  This unique innovation will be shown for the first time at Birmingham, having been launched in Las Vegas at DEMA two weeks prior. 

The Megalodon Rebreather will also be on the stand.  It is currently undergoing CE certification and we look forward to making an announcement in the diving press soon.

For divers looking for solutions to technical or more adventurous diving, an ideal place to get your questions answered is on the Custom Divers stand number 1358. We would be delighted to help you get more from your diving and will offer good sound advice from experienced divers. We will also have a limited range of stock for sale at the show.  For further information check out

Light up your life with Seac Sub

Spring is coming, and with it, fresh produce fromItaly.  For Seac Sub is proud to showcase their latest light offering, a brace of torches, called the Lighthouse and the Shot.  These lights made their world debut in Miami last year at DEMA, and are due to hit all good dive centres shortly.

Seac Sub, Lighthouse Torch, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, Xenon bulb, scuba diving, diving light, diving flashlight, diving torchThose of you unfamiliar with the rechargeable Lighthouse should discover a superior torch, (100 metre depth rating), aimed at the high-end market.  Its seriously ‘shiny toy’ good looks coupled with power, durability and reliability strongly echo the popular technical torches fromNorthern Europe.  For the anodised anticorodal aluminium body houses a multi-phase electronic circuit.  This, combined with the dichroic reflector in metallised aluminium, and the high-power Xenon bulb, gives the diver an incredible 50 watts of glorious light, perfect when diving in meagre visibility, or at night.

Usefully divers do have a choice of burn times and wattage, from 20 watts and 110 minutes of light, to 50 watts and 50 minutes of light.  After this time, the 2-Stage BatteryRun-Down System kicks in.  A neat safety feature which is a great reassurance.  Initially a flashing light signals that the batteries are depleting.  Then there is a controlled reduction of light intensity, so that the torch is running on 50% of its power for about 3 minutes.  This gives the diver enough time to smoothly switch to a backup light, before the Lighthouse automatically switches off, thus preventing damage to the battery.  The internal charging works on a programmed system.  During recharge, the green LED will flash. Once the green LED is lit constantly, divers will know that the charge is complete.  The Lighthouse comes complete with a charger, and a recommended retail price of £299.00

Meanwhile, the Shot has been designed to be an ideal main torch for recreational divers.  (Alternatively it can be used as a backup to the Lighthouse as it also has a 100 metre depth rating).  The compact ABS shock-resistant body snuggly houses 8 AA alkaline batteries, providing up to 250 minutes of burn time.

Thought has gone into protecting the 6 Watt Xenon Bulb from sudden voltage changes, which occur during switch-on and switch-off.  The electronic circuit benefits from a switch-on delay which prevents damage that might be caused by high input currents.

Naturally divers will have a choice of using throw away or rechargeable batteries with the Shot.  However Seac Sub have made the job of charging batteries simple by allowing the diver to recharge their batteries directly from the battery frame, using a special integrated plug.

In summary, the Shot is a robust, versatile torch, which gives a sensible burn time, without a huge price ticket.  A valuable light for most of your dives.  The RRP is £44.00.

For details of your nearest Seac Sub Stockist, or further information, log onto