Are you a North Carolina diver? DAN has a free talk tonight!

DAN is renowned for their educational lectures and they regularly put on a series of free seminars at the DEMA Show that all dive professionals can access.

Nick Bird, DAN, Chief Medical Officer, Divers Alert Network, Dr Richard D Vann, Dr Petar Denoble, Dr Neal W Pollock, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, TUMC, The Underwater Marketing Company, diving medicine, DCS, DCI, diving physiology, bent diver, decompression sickness, decompression illnessFor the last three years, DAN HQ in Durham (North Carolina) has been running a bi-monthly diving medicine / research / safety series of lectures at their office in West Colony Place. The talk is held on the first Wednesday of every other month at 19:00. This programme provides an excellent opportunity for anyone with a thirst for diving knowledge to listen to a variety of local experts discuss dive medicine, research, and safety.

Tonight's lecture (Wednesday 3rd April 2013) is entitled "Managing DCS in Remote Locations" and given by Dr. Nicholas Bird.

"Decompression sickness often occurs in remote locations. In such environments, treatment options and local expertise may be lacking. This presentation covers a description of decompression sickness, diagnostic criteria and treatment options, and factors that may help guide decisions about treatment versus evacuation."

For those of you unfamiliar with Dr Nick, he is DAN's Chief Medical Officer.

Doors will open at 18:15 for a pre-event social, and 'Down Under' very kindly serve light refreshments. The presentation begins at 19:00 and will last approximately 45 - 55 minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Admission to the lecture is free, and no registration is required. So come early, come hungry and hear Dr Nick wax lyrical about DCS logistics.

Upcoming Lectures in the Series:

June 5: "The Heart in Diving" presented by Dr. Petar Denoble

August 7: "Critical Thinking of Post-Dive Symptoms" presented by Dr. Matias Nochetto

Duke Research Team wins NASA Award; Preventing DCS in Astronauts

A research team at the Duke University Hyperbaric Centre, (North Carolina, USA) has won a Johnson Space Center (JSC) Group Achievement Award from NASA. The Durham based team comprising Dr Neal Pollock, Dr. Richard Vann, Mike Natoli and Dr Richard Moon. Dr Neal W. Pollock and Dr Richard D. Vann developed an in-suit light exercise pre-breathe regime to prevent decompression sickness developing in astronauts.

Dr Neal Pollock, Dr Neal W Pollock, Dr Richard Vann, Dr Richard D Vann, Dr Dick Vann, Duke University, Astronaut, DCS, Decopression Sickness, NASA, Duke University Hyperbaric Center, Dr Richard Moon, Mike Natoli, pre-breathe protocol, space walking hazards, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, Rosemary Lunn, TUMC, The Underwater Marketing Company, Rebreather Forum 3, RF3, Rebreathers
Dr Neal W Pollock and Dr Richard D Vann

Although it might not seem immediately obvious, there is a strong link between astronauts, rebreathers, diving physiology and physics. A space suit is effectively an oxygen rebreather with the contents of the suit recirculated through a CO2 scubber. However the helmet doesn’t suffer the same CO2 retention problems that some diving helmets can, mainly because the gas is far less dense, therefore it circulates easily around the system.

“When an astronaut transitions from Space Station pressure (1 bar) and dons a space suit (0.29 bar), the pressure on them drops by 0.71 bar”, stated Neal Pollock. “It’s the same effect as instantly going from ground level to a thousand feet above Everest. Consequently one of the dangers of space walking is that decompression sickness will result if there is no intervention or treatment. Although the astronaut hasn’t been diving, he does have nitrogen in his tissues - in equilibrium with the content at ground level pressure. With an immediate drop in pressure the gas comes out of solution forming bubbles and possibly symptoms of decompression sickness, just like diver experience. We needed to wash out nitrogen from the astronauts’ tissues by having them breathe pure oxygen; an old trick used since World War II by bomber and fighter crew."

The full story can be found here, see page 6 of X-Ray Magazine, May Issue, # 48

Dr Neal W Pollock and Dr Richard V Vann also work at DAN Headquarters in Durham, respectively as Research Director and Consultant.  They are two members of the team behind Rebreather Forum 3.

Dr Neal Pollock joins top speaker line up at UK Diving Trade Show

Renowned speaker Dr. Neal Pollock has just confirmed he will be talking at the UK Diving Trade Show.  This is being held on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th November at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire.

Dr Neal Pollock, Neal W Pollock, DAN, Divers Alert Network, Duke University, The Underwater Marketing Company,  Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn“I’m delighted that Neal has found time in his busy diary to come and to talk to us”, stated Vini Howlett, Chairman of the Scuba Industries Trade Association.  “Having a speaker of high renown and such credentials attend the UK Diving Trade Show, will be immensely useful to all the attendees.  Neal will be talking on two hot topics.  ‘Thermal stress and diving’ and ‘How fit is 'fit to dive' '.

For those of you who've not yet come across Dr Neal Pollock before he's a Research Director at Divers Alert Network (DAN) and a Research Associate in the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology at Duke University Medical Center.

Neal’s academic training is in zoology, exercise physiology and environmental physiology.  He’s actively involved in projects of flying after diving, breath-hold safety, and ultrasonic assessment of decompression-induced bubbles.  He’s also an active diver and his field research has taken him to the Antarctic six times, diving the polar waters.

If you work in the Recreational and Technical Diving Industry, and you’ve not yet booked your tickets, click here to register for your free ticket.  And this invitation includes Part Time Pro’s and Open Water Instructors and above from any agency.