BSAC Welcomes Youngest Ever National Diving Officer

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The British Sub Aqua Club has announced that National Instructor Sophie Heptonstall has been elected BSAC's NDO (National Diving Officer). She takes over from Jeff Reed who has held this position for the last six years.

Sophie Heptonstall is an active member of Hartford SAC and has been a BSAC member for 16 years. She is well-known on the BSAC Instructor Training Scheme circuit and has spent time on BSAC’s National Diving Committee (NDC), and worked as an Area Coach.

“Thank you to all BSAC members that voted. I am excited about taking on the role of NDO and look forward to encouraging existing members to develop their diving skills further and attracting new members into the BSAC.” Sophie Heptonstall

Heptonstall is an open and closed circuit diver and has an extensive knowledge of the full BSAC Diver Training Programme. She also brings business acumen to the role - she is a marketing professional. Sophie Heptonstall is the third female BSAC NDO and is the youngest BSAC member to take up this position.