Waterproof are proud to announce a new industry standard for drysuit seals

Waterproof (www.waterproof.se), the respected Swedish neoprene protection manufacturer is proud to announce that the worldwide drysuit diving community will soon be able to benefit from their superior silicone seals.  “When we launched our new speedy silicone seals at the 2009 Orlando DEMA Show we set a new benchmark, and it caused quite a stir in the drysuit diving industry”, stated Christer Falkeborn, Waterproof CEO.  “The manufacturers were very excited to see our superlative silicone seals because they offer the diver so much. 

Firstly because the seals are made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, there are no more problems with latex intolerance.  Whilst this is not a major issue for most divers, some divers do have a problem with it.  Silicone is an amazing material to work because it’s so adaptable.  It’s extremely stretchy, so for instance if you accidentally don your drysuit on over your watch, it is no longer a problem.  Before you either had to spend time wriggling out of your sleeve, or you had a fight on your hands as you wrestled the seal to remove your watch.  Now you simply lift the seal over the watch in seconds because it has 40% more elasticity than traditional seals. 

Silicone is also a very durable material that does not degenerate when exposed to UV, Ozone and fuel from RHIB engines.  Whilst our seals do have incredible longevity, we thought it important to include in the design, the ability to deal with problems in the field.  We are also divers and know that seals always tend to fail just before you are due to jump into the water.  The answer is to build in the facility for the diver to replace a seal, anytime, any place, any ocean, and this will be done as standard.

So why keep something that will transform diver’s lives to just Waterproof divers?  We understand that a drysuit is a very personal thing.  It’s a key piece of equipment that divers spend a long time researching and saving for.  We therefore felt that we would almost be penalising any diver if they wanted to simply upgrade their suit seals.  So I am delighted to announce that all divers will have access to our incredible seals as we will be working in partnership with Sitech, the Swedish drysuit inflator company; and the Blue Chip Drysuit manufacturers.  Now divers who dive other respected drysuit brands will be also dive and enjoy the new Waterproof benchmark lightweight silicone seals with supreme longevity”.