Shearwater Research Release Firmware Updates For Their Dive Computers

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Vancouver based Shearwater Research has announced they have released firmware updates for their dive computers.

Shearwater Petrel and Petrel 2

The Petrel Firmware V28 includes several changes for all Petrel Users. It also includes support for the new hardware features for the Petrel 2.


The Firmware V59 is recommended for all Predator users, because it addresses a flaw in the dive logging that can prevent dive logs from closing properly. This affected several of the previous versions, therefore it is recommend that all users update accordingly.

Shearwater Research Announces Nitrox Recreational Mode

Shearwater Research has announced today that they are entering the recreational dive market with the launch of the Nitrox Recreational Mode for the Petrel dive computer.

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The Nitrox Recreational Mode will be available free of charge, as a firmware update, on all Shearwater Petrels from mid to late April 2014.

We have been advised that this new Nitrox mode is clearer and easier to use than ever before. The new mode offers optional safety stops, obvious warnings and plenty of customisation, and will make the Petrel a useful computer for air and Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) diving. When divers are ready to take their diving to the next level, the Petrel will support their trimix and rebreather requirements.

Key Features of this new mode include:

  • Big, Clear Displays
  • Optional Safety Stops
  • Decompression when you need it
  • Configurable Bottom Row
  • No-Decompression Limit Planner
  • Simple Menu System

Apparently this new recreational mode has simple settings that allow the diver to use three air or nitrox breathing gas mixtures, whilst giving a greater emphasis on the no-decompression limits (NDL). A bar graph display will turn from green to red as the diver approaches their NDL. In addition a 3 minute countdown safety stop will start when the diver hits 6 metres / 20 feet on their ascent. If the Petrel goes into a mandatory decompression situation, the display turns red and displays, “DECO STOP” with the depth and time at that stop.

RESA Standards; Teaching Mod 2 and Mod 3 Rebreather Courses

The Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) was developed in order to aid in improving the education and safety in the rebreather industry and to ensure that the appropriate framework is in place that suits our growing industry.

This is a RESA standard for rebreather instructors that are already certified to teach Mod2 or Mod3 on one rebreather, and want to teach Mod2 or Mod3 on another rebreather.

RESA have been actively discussing rebreather training at the Normoxic (MOD 2) and Hypoxic (MOD 3) Trimix levels. Some instructors have been teaching advanced level courses to divers on units where the instructor only has minimal training. These instructors have only been required to pass a user course on the second and subsequent units. There have been no further industry-wide standards such as a minimum number of dives to have this privilege. Also, there has been no evaluation to prove that they understand the units properly.

Below is the standard that RESA members voted on. This standard was approved with a unanimous vote from both RESA Manufacturers and RESA Training Agencies. This standard is for Normoxic (MOD 2) and Hypoxic (MOD 3) Trimix training on additional rebreather’s only. For entry level training (MOD1) the instructor is required to be trained as a unit specific instructor by an IT for the specific rebreather.

The implementation date will be 1st January 2014.

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