Light up your life with Seac Sub

Spring is coming, and with it, fresh produce fromItaly.  For Seac Sub is proud to showcase their latest light offering, a brace of torches, called the Lighthouse and the Shot.  These lights made their world debut in Miami last year at DEMA, and are due to hit all good dive centres shortly.

Seac Sub, Lighthouse Torch, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, Xenon bulb, scuba diving, diving light, diving flashlight, diving torchThose of you unfamiliar with the rechargeable Lighthouse should discover a superior torch, (100 metre depth rating), aimed at the high-end market.  Its seriously ‘shiny toy’ good looks coupled with power, durability and reliability strongly echo the popular technical torches fromNorthern Europe.  For the anodised anticorodal aluminium body houses a multi-phase electronic circuit.  This, combined with the dichroic reflector in metallised aluminium, and the high-power Xenon bulb, gives the diver an incredible 50 watts of glorious light, perfect when diving in meagre visibility, or at night.

Usefully divers do have a choice of burn times and wattage, from 20 watts and 110 minutes of light, to 50 watts and 50 minutes of light.  After this time, the 2-Stage BatteryRun-Down System kicks in.  A neat safety feature which is a great reassurance.  Initially a flashing light signals that the batteries are depleting.  Then there is a controlled reduction of light intensity, so that the torch is running on 50% of its power for about 3 minutes.  This gives the diver enough time to smoothly switch to a backup light, before the Lighthouse automatically switches off, thus preventing damage to the battery.  The internal charging works on a programmed system.  During recharge, the green LED will flash. Once the green LED is lit constantly, divers will know that the charge is complete.  The Lighthouse comes complete with a charger, and a recommended retail price of £299.00

Meanwhile, the Shot has been designed to be an ideal main torch for recreational divers.  (Alternatively it can be used as a backup to the Lighthouse as it also has a 100 metre depth rating).  The compact ABS shock-resistant body snuggly houses 8 AA alkaline batteries, providing up to 250 minutes of burn time.

Thought has gone into protecting the 6 Watt Xenon Bulb from sudden voltage changes, which occur during switch-on and switch-off.  The electronic circuit benefits from a switch-on delay which prevents damage that might be caused by high input currents.

Naturally divers will have a choice of using throw away or rechargeable batteries with the Shot.  However Seac Sub have made the job of charging batteries simple by allowing the diver to recharge their batteries directly from the battery frame, using a special integrated plug.

In summary, the Shot is a robust, versatile torch, which gives a sensible burn time, without a huge price ticket.  A valuable light for most of your dives.  The RRP is £44.00.

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