Shropshire Based Diver? Come To Shrewsbury Tomorrow!

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The Quarry Pool, Shrewsbury

Shropshire residents and officials have been involved a mass-debate for many months regarding the future of a 150 year old swimming pool. In the 1860's two public baths were created in Shrewsbury. Over the years the site has been redeveloped and refurbished into the current 'Quarry Swimming Pool'.

Recently Shropshire Council has issued a report recommending that the Quarry Pool in Shrewsbury should be closed and replaced by a new pool at Shrewsbury Sports Village in Sundorne.

Shrewsbury Town Council leader Alan Mosley stated that "Shropshire Council had not properly considered the impact of closing the town centre pool."

The Council report questioned a claim that the Quarry pool provides an economic boost to the town centre. It states: “There is no existing hard evidence about the economic benefit of the Quarry to Shrewsbury town centre, although anecdotally, it is clear there is some." Shropshire Council has confirmed that "huge efforts have been made to evaluate the best location."

This has provoked passionate lobbying from residents and users. Now the scuba diving fraternity is making it's voice heard.

'Midlands Today' is interested in filming the Shrewsbury Sub Aqua Club at the Quarry Pool on Tuesday 12th July.

The aim of this broadcast report is to demonstrate that the Quarry Pool is used by many water-based activities including scuba diving.

The main 33 metre pool has a depth of 3.8 metres, the deepest in Shropshire. In recent years there has been a move in the UK to build shallower public swimming pools. Hence there is a legitimate worry that if the Quarry Pool is closed, the new public baths will be shallower. Having access to a 3.8 metre pool is an invaluable teaching and training resource for all scuba divers.

If you are a scuba diver (from any agency) with an hour or two to spare tomorrow, Shewsbury Sub Aqua Club would appreciate your support. The BBC is planning to film between 15.00 and 18.00 at The Quarry.

If you can attend, please email Kevin Murphy or telephone 07947 576 905 as soon as possible.