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In 2011 RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) was asked to promote the safe use of rebreathers. To this end RoSPA worked with a number of rebreather industry experts to identify key safety issues.

The result was a film that gives divers and those new to rebreathers a solid awareness of the key safety factors for diving with rebreathers.

Three years ago today - Friday 18th May 2012 - this film was unveiled at a very important international safety symposium called Rebreather Forum 3. In fact 'CCR Aware' opened #RF3.

Today this film is still pertinent and worth a watch for anyone interested in, or who dives a rebreather.

PADI's TecRec Blog – All Time Top Ten

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 has just published their 'all time top ten blogs' on A bitter sweet moment for us. Roz's article - 'A Deceptively Easy Way to Die' - had the largest number of hits. The advice is still pertinent if you have not read it.

Here's a link to the top 10 articles.

How Honest Have You Been With Your Family About Diving?

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Vikki Batten about to dive at Ginnie Springs © Copyright Karl Shreeves PADI

We are aware there has been more than 60 'recreational' diving fatalities worldwide since 1st January 2014. In the UK this subject is rather raw at present; we lost 4 divers in 4 days during last weekend's Bank Holiday.

Vikki Batten, (PADI Director, Rebreather Technologies) will be delivering a talk on Sunday 21st September at EUROTEK.2014 entitled 'The Aftermath Of Incidents'. This topic is rarely discussed professionally, and will be a useful tool for dive centre owners, managers and dive pros.

Vikki has experience of dealing with the fall out of serious incidents from both a personal standpoint, and as part of her role at PADI. She has taken part in extreme dives herself and been on the other side of the fence. In January 2012 she received a phone call advising that her partner had a serious case of DCS (decompression sickness) following a dive beyond 200m / 656f depth. She then spent the following week not knowing whether he would survive, and if he did, what state he would be in. In her professional capacity Vikki has been involved with people reporting incidents, providing support to ease their distress and assistance with practical matters in the following months.

In this presentation Vikki focuses not on the victims of incidents, but on the fallout that their fellow divers, friends and family experience. Vikki asks whether your family would be prepared if you had an accident? Have you faced the possibility that diving could kill or injure you? None of us like to think that we could become a victim, but preparing yourself and your loved ones for this eventuality is Step One in preventing it or minimising the damage it could cause.

Vikki looks at the reality of incidents and their consequences, and discusses ways to prevent a tragedy becoming an even bigger disaster. This is an interactive talk, so come along prepared to take part in this rarely discussed aspect of advanced and tec diving.

Not sure when Vikki is speaking? Click this link to access the handy EUROTEK.2014 Conference Schedule.