Planet Scuba Open Day Tomorrow – Saturday 28th June 2014

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Planet Scuba in Bishops Stortford are having an open day tomorrow, and you are invited.The emhasis on this year's open day is photography. They will have kit from 'photography curious' to specialist equipment. There will be three talks and a free BBQ at lunchtime.

  • 11.00 Open Day Kicks Off
  • 12.00 Talk by Nigel Wade, DIVER Magazine journalist and photographer
  • 13.30 Talk by Peter Lemon, author of 'Scuba Diving Malta'
  • 14.00 Talk by Scuba Travel

It is all taking place at;

2 The Links
Raynham Road
Bishops Stortford
CM23 5NZ

Kick off will be about morning coffee time and the day will run until about 8pm.

You are most welcome to bring along friends, family and fellow divers.


The Verdict is in – The 2011 UK Diving Trade Show

250 Trade Personnel (including Dive Centre Owners, Shop Managers, Pro Instructors, manufacturers and distributors), 20 Exhibitors, 6 members of the Diving Media (British Diver, Diver, Dive The World, Scuba, Sport Diver, X-Ray Magazine), 6 Training Agencies (ANDI, BSAC, GUE, IANTD, PADI, SAA), 2 members of the HSE Diving Inspectorate and 1 professional cartoonist attended the 2011 UK Diving Trade Show on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th November 2011.

During the two day event 12 talks were given covering topics such as "Ecopreneurship" (David Jones), "Is your website working for you?" (Richard Howes), "The down and dirty on image copyright" (Simon Brown), "The BSAC snorkel diver course" (Margaret Baldwin) and "Power Up with Proven Business Practices" (Simon Chance).

Dr Neal W Pollock, (the Canadian version of Professor Simon Mitchell), DAN America's Research Director and the event's key note speaker went down a storm with the attendees.

Dr Neal W Pollock, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, DAN, Duke University, The Underwater Marketing Company
Key Note Speaker Dr Neal W Pollock (DAN) & Show Organiser Rosemary E Lunn (TUMC)

He gave two exceptionally useful, entertaining and educational talks to industry personnel covering "How fit is 'fit to dive' " and "Thermal stress and diving. "I've been inspired to start exercising again after listening to Neal", observed one delegate.  Meanwhile a number of the audience in the Thermal Stress talk soon discovered that they were probably not bordering on hypothermia following a winter dive at Stoney Cove. While less exciting on the fish story scale, they were merely "just cold".

Cold water featured heavily during the UK Diving Industry Christmas Party when award winning cinematographer, Doug Allan, gave a mouth-watering presentation on the BBC's Frozen Planet series.  The talk kicked off with a brilliant sequence filmed from a helicopter.  The shot began with a wide view across the polar ice that continually tracked to eventually swoop in low, and closed with a very tight image of a Polar Bear. Over the next 30 minutes Doug transported the entire audience to polar regions with his superb imagery and stories.

Another man with an interesting story was Fraser Bathgate.  This year he was the first Brit to win the DEMA Reaching Out Award, and this was acknowledged during the Dinner - Fraser received a much deserved standing ovation for the work he has done in the field of disabled diving.  It was fitting therefore that the raffle was in aid of Deptherapy and raised just shy of £1,500.  SITA gratefully acknowledges the generosity of BBG Distribution, Rod Roddenbury, and everyone who donated something yummy for the two Christmas Hampers.

There were more reasons to celebrate success and the party was the perfect place for SITA to thank and honour Douglas Nash of PADI.  He is retiring shortly after more than 32 years service to the Industry.  Vini Howlett, Chairman of the Scuba Industries Trade Association presented Doug with an engraved decanter whilst highlighting key aspects of Doug's career.

On the product front, the 2011 UK Diving Trade Show saw the British debut of more than 50 products including Fourth Element's Core Body Warmer, Storm Jacket and Arctic one piece.  "This was a good opportunity to meet many of our UK Dealers and will form an important part of our UK activity in years to come", stated Jim Standing.

Meanwhile, over on the Hollis / Oceanic stand Kelvin Richards stated, "I did not get much of an opportunity to go and listen to the speakers due to the overwhelming work load. This was the UK unveiling of the Hollis Explorer Rebreather and there was huge interest in it.  It made me proud to see the trade platform come back into our industry and Oceanic/Hollis will certainly support all future trade events".

The Poseidon stand was also packed, as Simon Morris launched 46 new products.  "It was important to us to showcase our latest equipment range to the UK Diving Industry who couldn't make it over to Orlando for DEMA". New products include the "One" wetsuits, Rebreather wing, Rebreather BCD with the counter lungs built in, line cutters, wet boots, rash vests, iPAD holder, laptop bag, stage cylinder bag and fins.

Attendees included Chris Wake of Christal Seas Scuba who left his newly constructed dive centre and drove over from Norwich "to meet up with suppliers and other people in our Industry.  I found it useful catching up with industry personnel I've not seen in ages and the social side was great.  It was well worth attending".

Premier Diving Equipment, a new company to the diving industry attended the UK Diving Trade Show for the first time.  "We came to meet people we've been talking to for the last 12 months", explained Rachael Bell.  "We've made a lot of new contacts and it was good to be able to spend time with key players and explain our product range to them.  The talks were really interesting, especially Neal Pollock's Thermal Stress because we're just about to launch a heated vest.  I think what's equally important is that from a personal point of view, I really can't wait to get out and do some more UK diving"!

Images from the UK Diving Industry Trade Show can be found on

Press Coverage includes;

Waterproof’s D1 Hybrid concept Drysuit is now a reality

A year after the concept D1 Hybrid Drysuit was launched at DEMA 2009, Waterproof (the renowned Swedish neoprene protection manufacturer) is proud to announce that the suit is now in full production.

“It’s taken us two years of research, development and test diving to solve some common drysuit issues”, stated Christer Falkeborn, Waterproof CEO.  “We decided in 2008 that the most sensible thing to do was to start with a blank sheet and simply watch how a traditional drysuit behaved in the water during a dive.  We quickly identified two concerns that had been overlooked - bad suit climate and the cold spot problem.      

Most divers know that when it comes to warmth, what your suit is made from and what you wear underneath significantly impacts on a diver’s body temperature - get it wrong and you freeze.  There is no doubt that in the last five years modern fabrics from the space race has certainly revolutionised thermal protection.  However there is still potential for you to overheat and the body regulates this by sweating.  On some dives, especially long ones in colder waters it can be possible to sweat up to a litre of water. Although the majority of thermal underwear is now designed to efficiently wick away moisture, it has to go somewhere, and it tends to end up on the inside of the drysuit.  The result is a bad climate within the drysuit and potentially soggy or damp underwear.  So we identified that there was a need to physically keep the wicked water completely away from the diver’s underwear. 

We also noted that divers tend to suffer from cold spots as a result of water and equipment pressure.  One reason that trilaminate suits are popular is the behaviour of the suit material.  Divers like that fact that what ever depth you dive to there is no change in buoyancy characteristics, ie the behaviour of the material remains the same, despite external water pressure increasing significantly with depth.  However when it comes to the air inside the suit, it’s a different story.  In traditional drysuits, be they neoprene or membrane, the pressure differential in the water column causes the air in the suit to be driven to the top of the suit, which ever orientation you are in.  The effect can be quite subtle from a diver’s perspective, but there is no doubt that undergarments can get compressed in certain areas and the diver will suffer from cold spots.


Physical pressure from equipment can also produce cold spots.  For example, a neoprene suit is excellent at initially protecting the body from a weight belt.  However as soon as you go to depth, the closed air cell in the neoprene is compressed, hence it’s known as a variable volume insulation suit, and cold lead is effectively pressed against the divers body.  So we wanted to take the benefits from both neoprene and shell drysuits and create a membrane suit in a material that would always have a constant volume of at least 4mm, regardless of the pressure caused by water or equipment. 

The Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit not only successfully solves these two problems; we’ve also created a cosy, warm yet sleek fitting suit.  So what’s our secret?  The DI Hybrid benefits from our patented built-in 3-D high tech Mesh Spacing Material that fully lines the inside of the suit.  It evenly distributes the pressure created by the water and diving equipment, whilst maintaining a constant distance to the outer shell.  This constant distance ensures total body insulation as the flow of air within the suit is unrestricted, which means for the diver, no more cold spots.  In addition the diver is physically protected from bumps and grazes from wrecks, and damp underwear, as wicked water is trapped against the suits inner shell away from the divers under garments. 

You will also note that the D1 Hybrid benefits from shaped silicone seals.  Without a doubt silicone is a superlative material for seals.  It has more elasticity than latex so there is no more need to tussle, fight and wrestle your arm out of your suit when you’ve accidentally left your dive computer on. Just simply lift the seal over it in seconds with no struggle.  In addition the glide coating on the inside of the seal gives the diver a sensual feeling of silk and makes donning and doffing the seals a wonderfully quick and easy experience.  Silicone is also far more resilient to Ozone, UV and certain chemicals (diving off RHIBS and fuel contamination) that can cause latex seals to crack age so that they eventually fail and rip.  

Inevitability seals do eventually fail, and they tend to do so just before you jump into the water.  We understand how frustrating it can be to bail on a dive just because your seal has gone; hence we have worked in partnership with SI TECH to develop the Neck Tite and Quick Cuff Oval Systems.  These ergonomic ring systems allow the diver to rapidly and securely change their neck or wrist seal in the field without glue - a real boon!  With so many exciting revolutionary features Waterproof D1 Hybrid divers will be able to face reality warmer, happier and safer”.

Waterproof are proud to announce a new industry standard for drysuit seals

Waterproof (, the respected Swedish neoprene protection manufacturer is proud to announce that the worldwide drysuit diving community will soon be able to benefit from their superior silicone seals.  “When we launched our new speedy silicone seals at the 2009 Orlando DEMA Show we set a new benchmark, and it caused quite a stir in the drysuit diving industry”, stated Christer Falkeborn, Waterproof CEO.  “The manufacturers were very excited to see our superlative silicone seals because they offer the diver so much. 

Firstly because the seals are made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, there are no more problems with latex intolerance.  Whilst this is not a major issue for most divers, some divers do have a problem with it.  Silicone is an amazing material to work because it’s so adaptable.  It’s extremely stretchy, so for instance if you accidentally don your drysuit on over your watch, it is no longer a problem.  Before you either had to spend time wriggling out of your sleeve, or you had a fight on your hands as you wrestled the seal to remove your watch.  Now you simply lift the seal over the watch in seconds because it has 40% more elasticity than traditional seals. 

Silicone is also a very durable material that does not degenerate when exposed to UV, Ozone and fuel from RHIB engines.  Whilst our seals do have incredible longevity, we thought it important to include in the design, the ability to deal with problems in the field.  We are also divers and know that seals always tend to fail just before you are due to jump into the water.  The answer is to build in the facility for the diver to replace a seal, anytime, any place, any ocean, and this will be done as standard.

So why keep something that will transform diver’s lives to just Waterproof divers?  We understand that a drysuit is a very personal thing.  It’s a key piece of equipment that divers spend a long time researching and saving for.  We therefore felt that we would almost be penalising any diver if they wanted to simply upgrade their suit seals.  So I am delighted to announce that all divers will have access to our incredible seals as we will be working in partnership with Sitech, the Swedish drysuit inflator company; and the Blue Chip Drysuit manufacturers.  Now divers who dive other respected drysuit brands will be also dive and enjoy the new Waterproof benchmark lightweight silicone seals with supreme longevity”.

Fourth Element launches Professional Range with the Storm Fleece

Get the perfect diver’s fleece.  Warm, windproof and waterproof, the new STORM fleece from Fourth Element is designed with diving in mind, and available exclusively to dive professionals.

Wear it on the rib, at the dive site and after the dive when you just want to be warm and comfortable and look good.

Made using Polartec® Windbloc® material this fleece is designed to withstand some of the toughest weather conditions, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.  The garment is subtly branded, making it ideal to use as company/team clothing, by adding a company logo, and it will still have a smart professional image.

The STORM fleece is only available through dive centres, to order only.  For more details call 01326 241404 or email