Useful Human Resource Statements

Can you write a Human Resources Policy using fewer than 140 characters? Personnel Today posed that question, and it has spawned some interesting and quite useful results. You can search this on Twitter using hash tag #shorterHR.

Personnel_Today_Human_Resource_policy_Roz_Lunn_Rosemary_E_Lunn_The_Underwater_Marketing_CompanyHighlights include;

We hired you because you are an intelligent adult - please act accordingly

E-mail policy: Engage Brain Before Clicking on "Send"

Mobile Phone Policy: Switch it off.

If you're not doing things properly and you don't improve, we may dismiss you.

Dress code: You are not clubbing, gardening or at the beach. [NB: for lawyers replace with "You are going to a funeral."]

Restrictive covenants: Don't nick our clients, staff or suppliers. Or our price list.

Email and Internet Usage Policy: Don't look at porn or waste too much time.

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