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Rebreather Predive Checklists, TDI, SDI, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, scuba diving scholarships, WDHOF, Women Divers Hall Of Fame,

Rebreather Predive Checklists (courtesy of TDI / SDI)

- Ambient Pressure Diving Inspiration / Evolution
- Azimuth
- Dive Rite O2ptima
- Drager Dolphin
- Hollis Explorer
- Hollis Prism 2
Inner Space Megalodon
Jetsam Technologies Classic Kiss
Jetsam Technologies Kiss Gem
- Jetsam Technologies Kiss Sport
- Juergensen Marine Hammerhead
- Poseidon Discovery MKVI
- Submatix
VR Technology Sentinel

Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather (Assembly, Pre Dive Checks et. al)

- Training Videos

Guidelines for preservation of evidence / data in case of a serious incident or fatality

- Rebreathers - Ambient Pressure Diving
- Rebreathers - rEvo
- SCUBA Diving Equipment

Symposium Proceedings

- Investigation of Diving Fatalities for Medical Examiners and Diving Physicians
18 June 2014, St. Louis, Missouri

- Rebreather Forum 2 Conference Proceedings
26 - 28 September 1996, Redondo Beach, California

- DAN Recreational Diving Fatalities
8 - 10 April 2010, Durham, North Carolina

Diving Research

Basic Methods in Decompression Modelling Video (Associate Professor Dr Simon J Mitchell)
- DAN Research Team Blog
- Ultrasonography in Aerospace, Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Video (Dr Neal W Pollock)


- The National Speleological Society (NSS) Webinar Series

Patent foramen ovale and scuba diving

- A practical guide for physicians on when to refer for screening

Media Diving Projects HSE Paperwork

Diving at Work Regulations 1997 Approved Code of Practice (ACOP)

How to...

...tie the perfect Boltsnap

Diving Scholarships

- Georgia Williams Youth Diving Scholarship
Rolex / Our World Underwater Scholarship Society
- Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarships

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